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25./26./27. November 2011

STOP.SPOT Festival - 25th / 26th / 27th November 2011

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'In the Waiting Room of Interpretations'

Are they to be found there, the musicians and artists of today, waiting to be assigned their place in the ongoing history of music? But what if no more doors open up in this waiting room, no more legible signs indicate new paths? How do musicians situate themselves in the present, how do they position their work in the context of soc! ial and cultural upheavals? Or have questions about the location of individual music cultures already become superfluous in the age of Everywhere-Everything!, both geographically and socio-culturally?

'The Waiting Room of Interpretations' serves the 6th edition of the Stop.Spot Festival as site of engagement with questions about the degree of reflection in various contemporary music cultures. Live discussions, concerts and lectures give this space its specific shape, but as a fictive location it is intended most of all to provide room for all the mental models that aid leaving this same waiting room, this non-place of (post-)postmodernism. Now that all genres of art have set out in new directions, all t! he categories have been rejected, all the closed boxes, in the midst o f all the Internet magic, where do musicians find their work? In the administration of trend affairs? In an endless loop of retro-references? In selling off music without features? In the echo chamber of endless media signals?

'In the Waiting Room of Interpretations some of these questions wait to be answered. The goal is to step out of the waiting room! Ultimately, every situation analysi! s of music, every positioning and contextualization of immaterial properties of art and culture also depends on the critical perception of them from the outside. This role is conventionally taken over by pop critique (and the audience); but pop critique currently seems to be quite busy with itself and its uncertain (structural) future, for which reason we devote ourselves to the artists themselves. Artists in particular are often considered to have a special capability for ex-centricity, in other words the capability of every person to sometimes step out of their center, in order to confront their natural being with a reflective self.

The question of in which form this corresponds to a reality and which reality also finds a form of interpretation in this sense, remains to be answered. Welcome to the Waiting Room of Interpretations!

Anatol Bogendorfer & Andreas Mayrhofer

25th / 26th / 27th November 2011

OK Offenes Kulturhaus OÖ
OK Platz 1
4020 Linz